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7-Day Whitening Strips


Our unique whitening strips are formulated to dissolve in your mouth in about 20 minutes, leaving you with a fresh, clean mouth!

Take the guesswork out of teeth whitening. Premier White Whitening Strips automatically dissolve in your mouth and taste great! This 7 day system is proven to noticeably whiten your teeth with almost no effort. Try it today and experience the hassle-free way to quickly whiten your smile.
* Active ingredient(s)

Peroxydone (Hydrogen Peroxide complex)

* Promises (i.e., lighten 2 shades or 5 shades)

Lightens teeth 2-3 shades in one week

* How long do you wear strips before they dissolve?

Whitening Strips dissolve in 15-30 minutes, depending on mouth activity.

* How long does treatment last? (i.e., a few months, a year)

Treatments can last up to 6 months, depending on lifestyle. Everyone’s teeth, dental history and diet are different. We recommend avoiding smoking and teeth-staining foods like coffee and red wine, as well as maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine and remineralizing regularly.

* How does application work?

Moisten teeth with tongue and apply strips to from of teeth and fold to back of teeth. Repeat for upper and lower teeth.

* Ok for sensitive teeth?

Yes! With normal use, sensitive teeth should experience no tenderness or soreness.



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